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The Amazing Mr Pinklenose

library Mr Pinklenose

Mr PinklenoseMr Pinklenose is a very magical character who stands only 6 inches high.

He has perhaps the most important job in the world as far as children are concerned.

He works all year round for Father Christmas. His job is to keep an eye on and keep a record of each and every child in the world in order to let Father Christmas know whether or not, over the year, children have been naughty or nice.

How he does this as well as many other magical adventures he has, such as helping the Easter Bunny deliver all the Easter eggs and finding the lost kitten in the dark woods – are described in a collection of colourful and entertaining books which will be available to buy very soon.

The books and other related media, are aimed at children from the ages of 2 – 7 or older if they have not lost their belief in magic and characters such as Father Christmas, The Easter Bunny, Jack Frost, the Spring Fairy and many more!

Remember – Mr Pinklenose is coming soon and he is NOT just for Christmas!

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