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How it all began in the first place.

The story of Mr Pinklenose began with my late Father who created this character and whose stories he told to my sister, my brother and I when we were young children. There were no pictures or drawings of this magical and endearing little man. There was no social media, no twitter no U-Tube, no cartoons or written stories just us children using our imaginations. Later as we had children, my Dad kept Mr Pinklenose alive by telling such stories to his Grandchildren – all of us using our imagination as to what he looked like not to mention the fairies he was responsible for! I have kept his legacy going by telling stories to my Grandchildren and when I had to take early retirement due to ill health I decided that I wanted to share these stories with everyone else – not least to give my children and grandchildren something tangible to remember me by. So I hope when the book is printed and sent out next week (- that those of you who have chosen to try the first Mr Pinklenose adventure will appreciate that this has been a journey of 54 years from first telling to colourful, picture story book. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did making Mr Pinklenose come alive for both myself and my family – and if you are still with me remember this is just the start of the adventure!

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John Bennett